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#19 - Frontier (Season 1)
Screenplay & Synopsis: Bruno Regeste
First aired in France on 7 January 2004 (France 3)
First aired in the USA on 13 May 2004 (Cartoon Network)

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Official summary
Following a heated discussion with Aelita, Jeremy decides that he has to go to Lyokô in person to meet his friend and ask her to forgive him… Yumi is not too keen on the idea as Jeremy is the only member of the group to perfectly master the super-computer’s technology. Her fears are confirmed when she hits the wrong key, trapping Jeremy somewhere between the real world and the virtual universe. Part of the scanner’s memory has been lost stopping anyone else from transferring onto Look. While on the run from the creatures XANA has sent to get her, Aelita works on freeing Jeremy. Meanwhile, Yumi, Ulrich and Odd try and find a way to free up some memory so they can get to the virtual universe…

Detailed summary
As per usual, Jeremy is working long and hard on the materialisation program with Aelita. Convinced he’s made progress, the brainiac launches a test to validate his program… A beep announces that the program hasn’t worked… Following an exchange with Aelita, he realises that they’d both executed the same action twice, confusing the data… Jeremy yells and loses his calm… Aelita replies curtly that there’s no point in continuing for the night, bids him goodnight and cuts the connection, leaving Jeremy feeling sorry and sheepish…

He makes a decision; he wants to go to the virtual world and meet Aelita to apologise face-to-face… Despite Yumi’s reluctance, everyone accepts. At the start of lunch break, leaving Yumi advice and an important, but extremely thick, book of notes, Jeremy heads to the scanners and steps into one, unsure… At the moment of dematerialisation, an error message appears on the screen. The virtualisation is blocked and Jeremy is nowhere to be found on Lyoko, nor in the scanner. The brainiac is stuck between the two worlds…

Aelita finds out about the event and suggests that Yumi made an error in the transfer… Nonetheless, she’s able to communicate with Jeremy, who’s floating in a yellowish fog… According to him, the scanners can be repaired but it will take a lot of memory: Aelita must travel to the four Sectors, connect the Way Towers and recover what was lost… The three Earthlings take turns in supervising the virtual girl…
She quickly takes care of the Way Tower in the Ice Sector where she was at the time and heads to the Desert Sector…
On Earth, the afternoon approaches and the teachers begin to wonder about Jeremy’s absence…

Aelita arrives in the Forest Sector but is attacked by Kankrelats… Using the winding paths to her advantage, she escapes them with difficulty and enters the third Way Tower, under the worried eyes of Ulrich and Jeremy…
Unfortunately, XANA figures out what they’re doing and Aelita soon discovers that the Mountain’s Way Tower is defended by Bloks, which attack the guardian of Lyoko, and… To make things worse, Jeremy begins to fade as the Supercomputer treats him as stale data. Ulrich takes the initiative: if they can restore at least one scanner, a fighter can go to Lyoko and clear the way to the tower… For that, they need the memory from Jeremy’s laptop…

Yumi goes to retrieve the laptop but winds up in the principal’s office, laptop confiscated… Ulrich is forced to bargain with Sissi so she can free Yumi, and agrees to go out with her for two weeks, with a kiss as down payment…

Hiding the truth from a suspicious Yumi, he makes it back to the factory and sacrifices the laptop as well as Odd’s GameBoy to restore a scanner. Yumi sends Ulrich to Lyoko. Compared to him, two Bloks just don’t compare and are quickly destroyed, allowing Aelita to enter the final Way Tower…
Jeremy floats in the fog and notices Aelita in the distance. The two lovers approach one another to touch fingertips before Jeremy is materialised, giddy after his experience…

On his end, Ulrich needs to go out with Sissi and give false explanations to Yumi to justify it… He doesn’t seem to win her over…

- Attack: None, only attempts to devirtualise Aelita.
- Virtualisations: Jeremy (though the transfer fails); Ulrich
- Visited Sectors: The four surface sectors, especially the Mountain
- Enemies met: Kankrelats (5); Bloks (3)

- First attempt by Jeremy to virtualise himself, the brainiac is stuck between the two worlds. We can’t say if he has actually been to Lyoko, but he managed to touch Aelita’s finger in an intermediate space before returning to Earth.
- Ulrich kisses Sissi to get Yumi out of the principal’s office to free Jeremy; he promises he’ll go out with her for two weeks.


About the characters

- Second episode in which Yumi takes care of the virtualisation.
- Ulrich accepts to go out with Sissi for two weeks after she helps Yumi get out of the principal’s office.

About errors

- The door to Jeremy’s room often changes colour (grey, brown and blue).
- Jim’s t-shirt is blue instead of white at the moment when he sees Yumi running towards Jeremy’s room.
- When she writes on the board, it’s not the sleeve of Ms Meyer that we see but Ms Hertz’.
- The Way Tower in the Mountain Sector is activated while in this episode, XANA didn’t launch an attack!
- The enter key on the factory computer keyboard has an arrow on it just before Yumi virtualises Ulrich, while it doesn’t have one normally.
- When Yumi virtualises Jeremy, it shows him in the scanner room rather than the scanner itself.
- After Ulrich destroys the two Bloks, Aelita enters the tower but it’s not the same one. The first tower was inside a canyon.
- During Ms Hertz’ class we can see Mohamed Kantaoui of year 7 and Anouche Bedoyan and Ninon Costes of year 6.
- Odd’s pants are entirely the darker shade of purple at the moment when Ulrich asks Aelita if there’s a way to recover the memory from another tower or computer.
- Odd’s undershirt also disappears from his midriff in the scene mentioned above, as well as when Ulrich and Yumi return to the lab, and when Jeremy comes out of the scanner.
- Aelita’s outfit is reversed when she meets Jeremy.
- At the moment when Yumi’s phone rings there’s a row of students in front of her that wasn’t there before and there are students from various classes.
- The factory microphone is in Yumi’s right ear when Ulrich tells her that only Jeremy can operate the computer without making a mistake and when Odd tells her not to worry.
- In the shot following the one where we see Odd sleeping, a book appears on his table when there wasn’t one before. When the whole class sees Odd sleeping, Yumi is in the background behind Jeremy even though she’s in the year above, as well as Julie Vigouroux of year 6 and two unknown students. The students change places often during the class.

About the series

- French title: Frontière

- First episode in which XANA doesn’t launch an attack, and in which an RTTP isn’t launched! Also Jeremy’s first transfer, though it didn’t work…

About references

- The position Jeremy and Aelita are in when they touch resembles the famous painting “The Creation of Adam” by Michelangelo.

- Odd has a GameBoy whose design is the same as the GameBoy Advance SP. The game he’s playing is the famous Tetris.


Jeremy: If we keep working against each other, we’re never going to succeed! Never!
Aelita: I’m sorry…
Jeremy: Uh! No! I’m the one who’s sorry, Aelita! Forgive me! I shouldn’t have gotten so angry…
Aelita: It’s ok, but I think we should stop for tonight.
Jeremy: Uh…
Aelita: I’ll see you tomorrow.
Jeremy: No! Wait, Aelita!
Aelita: Goodnight.
Jeremy: I…uh…

Yumi: What were you guys doing? Studying, huh?
Ulrich: Not exactly! Tetrix Annihilator! ‘Til three in the morning!
Yumi: I should’ve guessed it was something like that, nice going!
Ulrich: Thanks. How’d you know I won?

Jeremy: Ulrich, I really have to go!
Ulrich: Where to? The boy’s room?
Jeremy: Of course not! To Lyoko!

Ms Meyer (after asking Ulrich to repeat what she’d just said, not getting a reply: Odd! Go on, help him!
(Shot of Odd lying on his desk snoring)

Yumi: It doesn’t feel right, I’m sorry, Jeremy!
Jeremy: Yumi, listen…I had an argument with Aelita and I want to ask her to forgive me in person!

Jeremy: Now, I’ve already calculated the variable virtual mass, so you don’t have to worry. Since I won’t be fighting, I used the default option for the exponential memory transfer, ok? As for the fractal and coding for the blocks, piece of cake!
Yumi: Piece of cake?! Hey, this may be easy for you, but it sure isn’t for us! You do all this every time?!
Jeremy: Well yeah! What do you think, that I take a nap while you’re on Lyoko?

Odd: Your scanner is waiting, Sir!

Yumi: But…where is he?!
Aelita: He wasn’t transferred to Lyoko…and he didn’t come back to you, and so, he’s…he’s out there and…blocked somewhere between us! Don’t worry, he’s ok!
Jeremy: Aelita, you have to retrieve memory…
Ulrich: A-are you in contact with him?
Aelita: Yes. Uh, well let’s say I think what he thinks. It’s as if he were part of my mind.

Odd: Don’t sweat it, Yumi! Aelita’s gonna get Jeremy home soon, I’m positive! XANA won’t have time to do anything!

Ms Hertz: Jeremy isn’t here?
Odd: Uh…he’s uh…in the infirmary, ma’am! Trying to get…unblocked?
Ms Hertz: Not surprising. You children eat much too fast.
Sissi: Hey, what kind of no good are you creeps up to now?
Ulrich: None of your business!
Sissi: Well, with that kind of answer, now I’m sure you’re up to no good!
Odd: Can’t fool you, Sissi! Well actually…Jeremy’s working on a new project for making worms intelligent?
Sissi: Oh?
Odd: That’s right! And he’d like to test it on you!
(Odd and Ulrich laugh)
Ulrich: Aelita, I get the feeling you’re not alone out there!
Aelita: You’re right, Ulrich…I’m not…

Ulrich: Well done, Jeremy would be proud of you!

Aelita: Ulrich! Odd! I’ve got a problem! It’s becoming harder and harder to contact Jeremy! I’m afraid he’s starting to delete himself…
Ulrich: Huh?! What do you mean, Aelita?
Aeita: He’s disappearing. The computer is confusing him with an outdated file. You’ve got to bring him back as soon as possible!

(Yumi is caught by Jim when she takes Jeremy’s laptop)
Yumi: Well, um! It’s always good to exercise your mind after phys ed class, huh Jim?
(Jim isn’t convinced, he frowns)

Odd: There’s absolutely nothing we can do!
Ulrich: …unless…

Sissi: The only way I would do something like that is if you promised to be a little more cool with me! And when I say “a little”, that means…well, you know!
Ulrich: Ok, look…I’ll, um…I’ll go out with you for a…for a week, how’s that?
Sissi: What?! A week?! To help Yumi the price is two months minimum!
Ulrich: One month and a down payment!
Sissi: What kind of…of down payment, hm?
(Ulrich kisses Sissi)

Yumi: You’re going to have to explain to me how you did that!
Ulrich: I don’t wanna talk about it! Yumi, um…you don’t mind if we don’t see a lot of each other for, um…a month?

Ulrich: Listen, Yumi…w-what I did was…I mean…
Yumi: Ulrich, it’s your problem!
Ulrich: But it’s not what you think, I swear!
Yumi: If that’s all you can think of to say, don’t say anything! For the time being I’ve got a computer to connect, so save it, huh?

Odd: I can’t believe that you…kissed Sissi!
Ulrich: If you tell Yumi, you’re dead.

Ulrich: Do it, Yumi. I have faith in you.

Odd: A lot of the credit should go to Tetrix Annihilator, huh! Hope you weren’t planning on playing it!
Ulrich: Don’t worry, I’ve got enough to do here without playing other games!

Jeremy: It was…it was…FANTASTIC!!!

Ulrich: Look, I’m sorry, but I gotta go…I promised Sissi…
Odd: What are you, her slave? With that down payment you gave her she should leave you alone tonight!
Yumi: Down payment? What’s this all about, Ulrich?
Ulrich: Uh…nothing…uh, see you later!
Yumi: Wait, I want an explanation! Ulrich!

Aelita: I was afraid you were mad at me…
Jeremy: I thought you were mad, Aelita! But I understood how you felt about me when you came…when you came to get me…
Aelita: Jeremy? When you’re really in love, does it mean you fight all the time?
Jeremy: No, not all the time! But…it can happen!
Aelita: Really? You ought to tell that to Ulrich and Yumi!
Jeremy: Hoho, I’d rather stay out of that one!

Ulrich: But I’m not lying! There’s nothing between Sissi and me!
Yumi: Sure! Goodnight!
Ulrich: Hey, wait, Yumi…let me explain! Yumi, are you still there? Yumi!


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Bon épisode et bon résumé de la création de la série 8-)

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Moi j'ai bien aimé cet épisode ! Quelle cruche cette Sissi... De l'avanture, j'adore ça ! J'adore Yumi elle est trop forte (love) VIVE CODE LYOKO ET YUMI !!!!!!!!!!!

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